Tina Jørgensen (20) disappeared on her way home from the city center of Stavanger on September 24, 2000. Five weeks
later, an armed robbery leads the police to Bore Church. By sheer coincidence, they open a manhole and discover Tina, who
has been moved a 30 minute drive from where she vanished.

The robbers are arrested and suspected of killing Tina. But soon the police begin to suspect several others: Tina's boyfriend, who had an argument with her when she disappeared, a psychotic serial rapist known as "God's policeman," a Danish killer, a sadistic neighbour, Tina’s childhood friend who confesses to the murder, and finally the police suspect a sex offender of murdering Tina and another local girl.

This True Crime series featuring 7 murder suspects, 6 charges, 1 confession, and 0 convictions.

Can the mystery of Tina's murder finally be solved?

Our goal is to produce films and series with a challenging narrative and visual approach.
They should speak to both the intellect and the imagination, as well as provide something
meaningful to the viewer and society.

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